All investments recommended are based on in-house research undertaken by our Investment Committee.
Our Investment Committee has forty-plus years of combined experience in sourcing opportunities that are stringently assessed and analysed, providing clients with confidence in the investments we recommend to them. Over many years the Investment Committee has developed strong relationships, both domestically and internationally that see high quality and
unique opportunities built into clients’ portfolios. Many of these opportunities are not available publicly, or via platform providers used by most financial advisers. The Investment Committee meets weekly and has developed an assessment criterion that is upheld to the highest standards. With integrity at the core of all of their decision-making.


Introducing our Investment Committee
Glenn Fairbairn
Director, Partner & Wealth Adviser
CFP®, B. Bus
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Nathan Lear
Partner & Wealth Adviser
CFP®, MAppFin, B.Comm, BA,
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Travis Schindler
Partner & Wealth Adviser
CFP®, B.Bus, GradCertAppFin, MFinPlan
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How We Invest

Governed by our direct investment philosophy
You retain control and flexibility, we protect the downside.
During our discovery conversations and initial meeting, we discuss your financial position, goals, and objectives. This includes identifying your existing assets, income, liabilities, insurances, and structures in place. This helps inform the curation of your bespoke strategy. Given our relationships and portfolios are always built from the ground up, our investment recommendations will never be governed by third-party platforms or managed funds. It is our belief that these are restrictive in investment selections and dilute your control over your investments. Upon approval of your strategy, we implement it in accordance with your customised asset allocation.
Investments are then placed on your behalf, and once invested it is certainly not a set and forget strategy. Your asset allocation is maintained by rigorous rebalancing by your Advice team, they will review your objectives and portfolio performance at your pace and at your discretion. Our independence and freedom from platforms allow us to assess global and local investment opportunities that are sometimes unique, but only ever in your best interests. Our Investment Committee has over 40 years of collective investment experience and all opportunities must meet our strict investment selection policy before being recommended.
With their sound advice, I have been able to retire, purchase a property and earn an income from my super fund.

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