We invest and manage wealth with a client-first mindset. Always.
We don't belong to anyone and aren't distracted by what others do. Our true independence, since inception, means we're not connected to any financial institution, product, or platform. We won’t, nor have we ever earnned a commission from any investment or recommended product.
We are engaged by clients on a fee-for-service basis, our performance and value are measured by our clients. Our unwavering independence provides you with the confidence that our advice is totally unbiased and based only in your best interests. Our success is your assurance.


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Our promise to you
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To partner with you, to provide you with the confidence and freedom to achieve your goals and dreams for the future.
Like family, we have your back and best interest at heart. Our ongoing relationships are built on experience, strong values, and genuine care. The human experience we bring to our client relationships fosters mutual trust, something we work hard to continuously earn, grow and retain through our daily actions and interactions. We nurture relationships, with an expert eye on long-term portfolio performance. Every strategy and investment recommended will be unique to you and your objectives. This is what we call bespoke, independent advice. Your dedicated Advice team will
always be thinking about your future. Constantly checking in, regularly reviewing, rebalancing, and managing your portfolios. The investment recommendations made for you will always be tailored to your ambitions and what's in your best interest every step of the way. We work at your pace and provide you with complete control and flexibility at all times. Online access to your portfolio provides complete visibility over your investment performance, cash flow position, and your asset allocation summaries. All balanced daily, for full transparency always.
Hewison Private Wealth - Let's Begin Hewison Private Wealth
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What to expect?

A values based experience.
Years of experience have taught us that wealth means different things to different people. Our bespoke investing and management services cater to a broad array of clients who are largely high-net-worth individuals, families, entrepreneurs, business owners, and high-income earning individuals on a pathway towards financial independence. We typically manage portfolios from $1.5M - $20M, with a minimum annual client fee of $10,000AUD, and protect our clients with appropriate personal insurance as part of the advice process.
But it's Hewison Private Wealth’s foundational values of Independence, Integrity, Innovation, and Expertise that form the basis for how we think and act on behalf of our clients, and each other, daily. They define who we are within our profession, and we are accountable to them every day. Our cultural values of Fun, Family, Empowerment and Excellence were established by our team and have become our true heartbeat. We live and work by them every day, and like osmosis, our clients experience this same sense of Fun, Family, Empowerment and Excellence.
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The trust we've earned.