Bespoke Investing

Genuine care and pride is taken when designing bespoke strategies and portfolios for each individual client.
Adviser expertise and knowledge acquired over three decades, coupled with robust in-house research conducted by our Investment Committee, provides clients with unique investment opportunities and access to direct ownership in a number of investments across multiple asset classes. We create and build bespoke and diversified portfolios, managing your investments via
Individually Managed Accounts (IMA's). A dedicated pod structure provides full-service administration of each IMA internally. Our ability to efficiently manage and administer IMA's at reasonable fees for clients have been enabled by the accumulation of processes over 37 years, and more recently by the deployment of leading technology and the integration of multiple systems.

Bespoke Investing

Hewison Private Wealth - Bespoke Investing

Executives & Individuals

Bespoke Financial Advice for Executives & Individuals
Helping to accelerate your wealth accumulation and protect it.
Together we work with Executives & Individuals who are generating high incomes or have accumulated substantial funds to invest. Designing investment strategies, recommending structures, deploying financial tactics, and managing assets to help accelerate wealth accumulation.
We excel at ensuring Executive's & Individuals portfolios have a diverse asset allocation that is aligned with their financial goals and objectives. Importantly, ensuring their assets and wealth are protected with appropriate insurance and risk protection strategies is also critical.
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Independent Financial Advice for Families
Each family's investment journey is unique to them.
Whether you are thinking about securing your family's financial wellbeing, granting your children a private school education, or helping them step onto the property ladder, our services are tailored to your ambitions and what's in your family's best interest, every step of the way. We tailor each family's advice and investments for their needs and provide appropriate superannuation, risk, and insurance advice
to make sure the ones you love the most are protected should the unthinkable happen. This allows you to keep planning and living the life you want, so you can arrive at the places and destinations you daydream of. Working with family groups to build multi-generational wealth that will prosper and be protected for generations to come will be your legacy and is enabled by our 37-year track record.
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Business Owners

Independent Financial Advice for Business Owners
Maximising profits for a life beyond your business.
We support business owners who are making decisions on a daily basis, for their business, and their people. A lifetime working towards a healthy business So when it comes to their personal finances, they need a proven expert by their side with an eye on building their personal wealth, while they
focus on their business. Helping time-poor entrepreneurs and business owners safely and tax effectively invest profits, optimising earnnings and leveraging business success for future financial independence sees funds invested safely and tax effectively but also in a way that supports their vision.
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Medical Professionals

Independent Financial Advice for Doctors
Complex needs that require careful consideration.
Medical degrees cover an enormous amount but don't cover the management of your personal finances, especially as you launch and grow your career. This is where we come in. It may be financial planning advice to help navigate an accelerating career and earning capacity, structure to support a growing practice, or the implementation of appropriate superannuation and insurance strategies. Our Advisers curate financial
strategy's to future-proof your legacy, adjusting advice as your life progresses. We offer access to unique investment opportunities, whilst keeping a keen eye on creating tax efficiencies for you, maximising superannuation, and always protecting the downside. Allowing us to do the future thinking for you, when time is your most precious asset, means you do the caring for others while we care for you.
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Not-for-Profit Sector

Independent Investment Advice & Asset Management
Growing corpus funds to maximise your charitable work.
We work with several mid-to-large scale charitable organisations and philanthropic trusts to effectively structure and manage their ongoing investment and asset management strategies. Acting as stewards of corpus funds we work closely with boards to ensure their funds are actively and safely invested to achieve their objectives. We provide performance and benchmark reporting on a quarterly basis and diligently rebalance to the organisation's asset allocation. Access to capital will be maintained in accordance with each organisation's specific needs, with protection at the heart of all that we do. A level of
conservatism can exist amongst not-for-profit organisations who tend to have a lower tolerance for volatility in their assets and require an understanding of the exposures within their portfolios. It's less about achieving the highest investment returns and more about generating sustainable growth and income through investment selections that align with their values. We add value and do our best work for organisations with $2-$20 million in investible assets and have a dedicated philanthropic team led by Partner & Wealth Adviser, Chris Morcom. Chris has deep experience in the not-for-profit sector and the passion to match it.
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Those coming into money

Future Thinking is about today, not tomorrow.
Liquidity events often trigger the need for advice.
Whether it's inheriting a large sum of money, receiving funds through the sale of a property or business, or even a divorce or separation financial settlement. All of these events typically mean inheriting a multitude of emotions as well. It can often be an overwhelming period, and we're here
to give it clear structure, management, and security. We specialise in helping people to invest, grow and protect their wealth when they experience a life-changing financial event. If this is on your horizon, start the conversation early with one of our Advisers to begin the process.
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