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Independent financial advice – tailored to your needs without external bias.

Driven by client outcomes

At Hewison Private Wealth we recognise the individuality of every client and tailor our investment plans and financial advice specifically to your unique financial needs. We are focused on achieving the best outcomes for you and your family, delivered with an unwavering commitment to service and building lasting relationships.

Established in 1985, we have refined our strategic approach, service offerings and administration platforms with the insights gained in our 30 plus years of experience. We manage clients’ affairs based on respected experience and integrity, combined with advanced financial intelligence.

The value of independent financial advice

Hewison Private Wealth is one of Australia’s premier independent financial advice firms

We’re not connected to any financial institution or platform, our research is conducted in-house and we won’t earn a commission from any products we recommend to you. Our unwaivering independent status provides you with the confidence that our recommendations are totally unbiased and based only in your best interests.

Direct investment philosophy

We prefer to invest directly into markets such as Australian Securities Exchange listed securities, real estate and interest bearing securities, rather than via managed fund structures. We believe this investment method provides our clients with more flexibility and control, as well as being cost effective.

This direct investment philosophy, together with individually managed accounts, provide clients with optimum service and investment strategies that have been tested and adapted, over the last 30 plus years, to cope with rising and falling financial markets.

Effective Cash Flow management and taxation efficiency are two vital strategy elements that are enabled by direct investment.

We place a strong value on remaining independent. This allows us to provide our clients with strategy planning and ongoing recommendations that are unbiased and based only on their best interests.

Unlike many financial planning firms, Hewison Private Wealth charges a fee for service. We do not receive any commission based payments.

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