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Special Market Update 24th October 2009

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Private Client Adviser
24 Oct 2008

Government deposit guarantee. There has been a lot of press and confusion regarding the government guarantee of bank deposits and even though all the details are not yet known, we thought you would appreciate some clarification.

Macquarie CMT

You are totally secured.

The Macquarie CMT is a AAA credit rated cash management trust. This means that it can only invest in AAA credit rated securities, which can only include government bonds and bank securities. Whilst the CMT itself is not subject of the government guarantee, it is 100% invested in government guaranteed securities so that the effect is the same.

The CMT is owned and controlled by you, the unit holders and is an entirely separate entity to the Macquarie Group.
As this is the cash account for all our clients, as a matter of policy, we insist whatever entity we choose must be fully secure hence our choice of Macquarie some 20 years ago as being the most appropriate vehicle.

Secured First Mortgage (Australian Securities Limited

These are not subject to the government guarantee as they are an entirely different type of investment. They are fully secured by individual real estate properties and quite safe. Over the last 15 years we have never had a client lose one cent invested via ASL and nothing has changed during the current market conditions. In fact ASL (Nicholas O’Donohue) has never lost a cent of their clients money in over 80 years of operation  an enviable record.

You may rest assured that we always do rigorous due diligence on your investments and we are completely comfortable with your levels of security. As always if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call us.

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