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Portfolio access is a client only, secure area of the website where Hewison clients can track their investment portfolio.
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Hewison Private Wealth offers highly tailored investment strategies through personalised financial plans. Each client's portfolio is unique.

And each investment portfolio is immediately, and securely, accessible via our client portal. Clients are able to view any updates - such as performance summaries - by simply logging into their own personalised investment portfolio folder via the Hewison Private Wealth website. 


The Overview section provides clients with a snapshot of their portfolio; detailing investment performance, asset allocation and historical values.


Portfolio Valuation

Clients are able to view their individual portfolio holdings; detailing the investments currently held, their value and performance.


Cash Account

The cash account allows clients to view in detail what has occurred within their cash account over any given period


Income Forecast

This report forecasts the income generated by each investment at an individual and asset class level.



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