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Direct, independent investment management of your assets.
Meeting your financial objectives while you maintain optimum flexibility and control.

Independent Investment Portfolio Management

We have an independent direct investment philosophy.

At Hewison Private Wealth we prefer to invest directly into assets such as ASX listed securities, real estate and interest bearing securities on behalf of our clients rather than via managed fund structures.

After more than 30 years of wealth management experience we know a direct investment strategy is best. We create an investment portfolio designed to meet your specific objectives, as well as providing you with flexibility and control.

Individually managed investment accounts

Individually managed accounts (IMA) are investment portfolio structures where the investments are owned directly by each client. This provides greater flexibility and control than what can be achieved with purchasing units within managed funds.

Since 1985 Hewison Private Wealth has offered IMAs to clients making us one of Australia’s most experienced IMA providers. Our independent direct investment philosophy, combined with our portfolio administration software, means we can offer you a tailored investment portfolio. 

IMAs are best for investors who prefer to retain control over their investments (with tailored advice from your financial adviser). Flexibility is key but so is the ability to manage cash flow and ensure taxation efficiency whilst avoiding product commission fees. We do not accept commissions from third parties. We are a fee for service financial advice firm. 

Portfolios designed to achieve results

Over more than 30 years we have honed our approach to investment management, resulting in investment portfolio performance for clients that consistently outperform the industry average.

We don’t use standardised risk profiling that classifies clients as a “risk type”. We know that you are an individual, not a profile type. We design investment strategies that are based on a thorough understanding of your circumstances, attitudes and objectives. We then explain the level of risk to ensure you are comfortable with your wealth management plan.

To optimise investment performance we will routinely adjust and rebalance your portfolios. Our financial advisers provide advice relative to legislative change, market conditions and changes to your circumstance.

Independent research

To ensure you have access to high grade investment opportunities across a range of asset classes our financial advisers and researchers source quality independent research from a number of credible research houses.

The asset allocation in your investment portfolio will differ depending on your individual financial objectives. Our financial advisers apply further qualitative and quantitative valuation analysis before presenting an investment plan to you.

Results that speak for themselves

While each clients' investment portfolio will perform differently, the performance of the average Hewison Private Wealth portfolio provides a benchmark for investment performance across our client portfolios. 

Our results show that client portfolios continue to perform well in a variety of market conditions over both the short and long term. We attribute this robust performance to our independent direct investment process and active portfolio management.

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