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Managing Director

Blog | Corporate culture and investment decisions

As part of our (Lunch) time is money investment series, yesterday I had the pleasure of interviewing Brian Huerta, Portfolio Manager from WCM Global Investment Management. Such a great conversation with lots to share.

Director/Private Client Adviser
In the News

News | Cycling with clients. The Chris Morcom story.

Chris Morcom was recently interviewed by Professional Planner. The result was a really lovely insight into who Chris is and uncovers the things he enjoys the most. We thought you would like to get to know Chris a little more.  Read the full story here.

Private Client Adviser - Risk & Insurance

Blog | Advice that could save you money

Personally, I don’t think we share some of the fantastic outcomes achieved for our clients enough. Afterall they are something to be proud of, particularly when it’s a big win for them financially.

Hewison Private Wealth

Podcast: Latest update on the property market

In this episode, Nathan and Glenn chat with Phillip Almeida, Director and Co-Founder of Performance Property, about the current state of the property market in Australia and where prices might be headed.

Chairman and Founder

Blog | "I'm living in the 70's"

Connoisseurs of good Aussie rock will recognise the Skyhooks reference in the theme of my blog.