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Money & Wealth.
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Following Professor Munjed Al Muderis’ inspiring story an expert panel will deliver a discussion on money, wealth and investing designed specifically for Executives, Medical Professionals, Business Owners & Professionals.

As busy professionals you are experts in your industry and areas of expertise, but we know this often leads you short on time to treat your financial well-being with the care that’s needed. Our panel consists of independent Wealth and Risk Advisers, plus an Accountant. Together they will discuss and help you with:

  • Goal setting
  • Tax minimisation & structures to invest in
  • Insurance & wealth protection
  • Portfolio construction & diversification

All in an effort to educate and get your financial future on a healthy path.

Meet the Panelists
Marcus English
Insurance Adviser
CFP®, B.Comm, DFS(FP), LRS®
Pierce Hanlen
Wealth Adviser
CFP®, B.Comm
Jonathan Gallwey
The Gallwey Group Pty Ltd.
Principal Accountant
B.Comm, Accounting, Finance & Commercial Law