Independent Financial Advice | Medical Professionals

Independent Financial Advice for Medical Professionals
The needs of medical professionals are unique. We have the experience to assist.

As a medical professional you will likely be earning more than the average Australian and feel financially secure. But in the 25,000 odd hours of training you undertook, did you cover the management of your personal finances?

You may require financial planning advice to help navigate the tricky waters of an accelerating career and earning capacity or you may be looking to structure and support a growing practice. We provide you with a tailored investment strategy as well as advice on managing your personal wealth, increasing earning capacity and future-proofing your legacy for generations to come.

All of our Private Client Advisers have the expertise to formulate a financial strategy that offers unrestrained access to investments.  This allows us to work with you and curate bespoke advice and portfolios that include tax minimisation, superannuation/SMSF structure and risk assessment, particular to your individual needs and future goals. Your dedicated advice team do the future thinking for you.

Hewison Private Wealth's independent financial advisers specialise in working with medical professionals. We know your needs can be complex and require careful consideration.

We regularly produce insights and articles that are written specifically for Medical Professionals. You can read them by clicking here.