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Peter & Judy Dwyer

"My wife Judy and I spent a considerable amount of time researching Wealth Management firms to suit our specific needs. Our criteria included a firm which had successfully worked through a number of national and international economic extremities, i.e. sustainable and successful. It was important for us to have a Wealth Management firm with the experience and capabilities to provide investment strategies which would successfully see us through the difficult times and to make the very best of the more buoyant economies. We also wanted sound leadership, highly credible advisors and a firm which was committed to the highest levels of integrity and customer service. We selected Hewison Private Wealth because it ticked all of the boxes for us. We are happy to say that after four years with the team at Hewisons we are delighted with our choice”.


Mary & Erwin Jones

"Our accountant introduced us to Hewison & Associates (now Hewison Private Wealth) in 2001.

In the many years since, we have enjoyed an excellent relationship, particularly with our personal financial advisor, Chris Morcom, who is always accessible and ready to listen.  Any questions or doubts are answered efficiently and confidently and this gives us comfort and reassurance our funds are in safe hands.

With Chris and Hewison Private Wealth we look forward to continuing, and sound, financial security in the retirement years ahead."


Jean Sietzema

"In 1986, when our accountant Andrew, introduced us to Hewison's, as a financial adviser, “I being ever so skeptical, will always remember telling John that nobody, could handle my financial affairs, better than myself.  “How wrong I was”.

Hewison's immediately made us feel relaxed and comfortable.There was no hard sell, only very good and sensible advice.

When we first joined Hewisons, it was one of the best decisions that we have made.

Hewison's handling of our financials over the years has been impeccable. Hewison's helped to set us up for early retirement in 1991, and made us feel secure, and comfortable.

It’s the financial guidance Hewison's give us that makes us feel “secure.” It’s the family friendliness that we receive from all their staff, that makes us feel “comfortable.” And it’s the joy in knowing someone is looking out for your interests that makes us feel “happy.”

They are the three important ingredients we feel we need, “and Hewison's has given those to us, over the years.

Since being with John Hewison, I have had no hesitation at recommending friends and business associates for financial planning and guidance.

Thank you."

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