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Raising funds for community based, not for profit services.

2021 Annual Charity Golf Day Raises Over $30,000!

Last Friday, 85 players teed off at Melbourne’s famed Sandbelt golf course at Woodlands. Under Melbourne’s crisp morning blue skies, the generous playing group and sponsors helped bring the future of the wider community more on par with their own.

Their focus? Fundraising. Together, over $30,000 was raised for the Hewison Foundation that directly supports local charities such as Sacred Heart Mission in St Kilda. What a staggering and humbling result and the biggest achievement of the Hewison Foundation to date.

After a two-year hiatus (due to obvious reasons) this year’s charity golf day was hands down the biggest. The 18 holes were all sponsored within a week and the playing field was full within 48 hours. This speaks volumes to the desire of people wanting to connect and contribute to a cause greater than themselves. How fortunate to be surrounded by such wonderful people that provided a lot of fun and frivolity on the greens last week.

A huge thank you to our sponsors and those who contributed prizes to the winners and raffle. Without you all, such success would not be possible. We cannot wait to see everyone again at the next Hewison Foundation event.

What is the Hewison Foundation?

Creating wealth for our clients is what we do. But we also exist as part of the wider community and at Hewison Private Wealth we think it's important to give something back.  

That’s where the Hewison Foundation comes in.

In 2016 we created a Public Ancillary Fund – naming it the Hewison Foundation. The primary objective of the Hewison Foundation is to raise funds for community-based, not-for-profit services that aim to reduce the level of disadvantage.

Who does the Hewison Foundation raise funds for?

In 2017 we were excited to announce a long-term partnership with the Sacred Heart Mission in St Kilda. Sacred Heart does some amazing, grassroots-level work in the community. But importantly there are real synergies between Hewison Private Wealth and Sacred Heart. Both organisations are innovators in their fields. And while we have very different clients, we both do what we do with heart!

The Hewison Foundation is pleased to provide support to two of Sacred Heart’s most important areas:
1. Women’s services – including the women’s drop in house
2. Journey to Social Inclusion – a truly innovative relationship model to break the cycle of homelessness by providing housing and three years of support to those living on the margins of society

You can find more about what the Sacred Heart Mission does here

In addition to supporting Sacred Heart Mission, the Hewison Foundation also donates funds to other charities and causes that help to improve the lives of others. One of those examples was the fundraising efforts undertaken in early 2020 via the Hewison Run For Help that raised funds for the bushfire disaster that engulfed our country.

Where does the Hewison Foundation obtain funding?

At Hewison Private Wealth we put our money where our mouth is. As a company, Hewison Private Wealth is a key contributor to the Hewison Foundation. We wouldn’t expect anyone else to support the Hewison Foundation if we didn’t.

In addition to direct donations from Hewison Private Wealth, we run fundraising events, like the Hewison Foundation Annual Golf Day and Trivia Night. Proceeds from our fundraising go towards the Foundation as do direct donations and bequests from our clients and business networks.  Donations build the corpus of the Foundation while income generated by the Foundation is used to fund projects undertaken by the Sacred Heart Mission and others.

And it’s not just the financial support we provide. Hewison Private Wealth enables each of our employees with the opportunity to lend a helping hand through volunteering with Sacred Heart’s meal program or by assisting at one of their “Op Shops”. 

What can you do to help?

The Hewison Foundation welcomes your donation. In the short term, your donation will go toward building the corpus of the fund. In the long term, it’s generating income that goes directly towards those in need.

Any donation over $2 is fully tax-deductible. Please contact at Hewison Private Wealth or call 03 8548 4800 for more information on how to make a donation or learn more about the Foundation's activities.    

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