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News | Pierce Hanlen announced as Equity Partner.

Hewison Private Wealth
1 Sep 2023
Andrew Hewison, Managing Director, and fellow Equity Partners are thrilled to announce Wealth Adviser, Pierce Hanlen’s progression towards equity ownership of Hewison Private Wealth.

In making the announcement, Managing Director, Andrew Hewison, said “Equity ownership is offered to Advisers who have consistently demonstrated high performance in their careers at Hewison Private Wealth. This includes a commitment to excellence, business success and extreme client care, with that said it is fitting that Pierce is the 7th person to be offered ownership. Pierce has a deep commitment to building relationships with his clients and ensuring their best interests are always front and centre; balancing his exceptional skill and expertise as an adviser with an unrivalled emotional intelligence that we are immensely grateful for.”

The trajectory of Pierce to equity ownership has been a seven-year journey and is a true testament to the significant contribution Pierce has made to the firm and our clients during this time. Pierce has come a long way since starting as an Associate Adviser and working his way towards Wealth Adviser, Investment Committee member and now equity partner. Pierce’s dedication to servicing his clients is second to none and his ability to grow and nurture his professional networks has also been impressive.

When asked to comment and reflect on his progression and offer of equity ownership, Pierce said; ‘when I started working at Hewison’s seven years ago, it became apparent to me, very quickly, that I wanted to achieve equity ownership. The structure of the business means that there is no ‘shelf life’ for the company and we can continue to grow and adapt to the everchanging landscape. Contributing to company growth in the industry, its culture, and helping shape the client experience is incredibly fulfilling. I can’t wait to see what’s next and where we take our company over the decades to come and the relationships we will build along the way!’

Whilst the whole Hewison Private Wealth team celebrate this announcement, Director & Partner Simon Curtain’s final thoughts provide the perfect conclusion. “Congratulations Pierce on being offered equity ownership at Hewison Private Wealth. This is a testament to your hard work and the dedication you provide to clients and co-workers alike. It’s great to see another graduate of the Hewison Private Wealth mentoring program become an equity partner of the business and we are all so excited for what the future looks like with Pierce as a fellow Partner.”