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What’s the secret ingredient to the Hewison recipe?

Alexi Guagas
Senior Associate Adviser
22 Nov 2022

How do you differentiate yourself from the pack? Usually, a business would use a Unique Service Proposition as a distinct point of difference that represents the value only the customer can receive. For instance, Coco-Cola and Kentucky Fried Chicken use their secret recipes that can’t be duplicated, while Rolls Royce is the pinnacle of automotive quality and excellence.

How does Hewison Private Wealth stand out from the crowd; what are our Unique Service Propositions?

Firstly, we are passionate about helping our clients and the work we do. Our greatest pride is our culture of selflessness and our commitment to embodying the business values (four pillars) of independence, integrity, innovation, and expertise. Like a compass, the values guide us and signpost all our future thinking.

We are committed to our clients for the long term – walking alongside them in the journey towards financial independece. For the last 37 years, we have had the privilege of developing close and long-standing relationships with our clients. We understand the importance of providing both professional expertise and emotional support in managing their financial goals and dreams.

We are committed to standards – with honesty and high standards underpinning our practice. At Hewison Private Wealth we maintain the highest level of education and professional standards with a degree-based education standard since 1996 and an internal graduate mentoring program that all associate advisers must complete before they can be considered for a senior adviser position.

We are innovative – pioneers in objective-based, individually managed accounts since 1985. We were one of the first firms in Australia to provide our clients with 24/7 online access to their portfolios. We have and continue to invest in efficiencies by utilising our state-of-the-art systems, which means we can spend more time with our clients while enhancing our service delivery.

Finally, we are fiercely independent. Owned by the staff members of Hewison Private Wealth, we have no affiliations with any external entities and prefer to invest in direct markets. We do all of this, while also providing opportunities to access unique investments based on our client’s needs. Our account structure means that all clients retain total control over their investments at all times.

Safe to say, Hewison Private Wealth’s Unique Service Proposition recipe is underpinned by having our client’s best interests at heart. Our relationship with our clients is at the centre of all that we do, they are our biggest investment. Now, who wants to fire up the kitchen and start baking the Hewison Private Wealth recipe?