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The Hewison 'Why'

Andrew Hewison
Managing Director
3 Jul 2018

More pressing than ever before is the challenge for ‘service’ businesses to demonstrate the value provided to the customer/client. But what does value mean anyway? Perceived value differs from one person to the next.

More often than not our financial advisers express Hewison Private Wealth’s value proposition in terms of our technical knowledge and expertise. It’s a pretty good place to start but this is something clients should expect from any financial adviser, rather than something that’s unique to our firm.

Technical strategy, investment management, client service, daily management and administration are all vitally important. But they are the ‘how’ we do what we do, not the ‘why’.

Why do we do what we do?

Collectively we share a passion for enriching our clients’ lives by partnering with you to provide confidence and freedom in achieving your goals and dreams. We live and breathe this ethos. In fact, it’s written on our reception wall and we refer to it as our client commitment statement.

Society often assigns an implied value to some brands in the market place today. In my view Apple is the perfect example. Their products sell at a premium and they NEVER discount. This is because they have beautifully sold their ‘why’ to the market place. Many people will tell you that Apple products are not necessarily the best and most user friendly, yet they still buy them.

In the financial services world, you might suggest it’s the large institutions such as Macquarie, JB Were or Goldman Sachs whose brands imply ‘value’. They certainly charge a premium for their ‘brand’.

Sometimes the ‘value’ of a firm/brand is simply their brand, which is fine if the experience of the brand is backed up by their ‘how’ when the rubber hits the road. Regrettably the ‘how’ and the customer experience don’t always match.

What are the core values of HPW?

Forming part of the Hewison Private Wealth ‘brand’ are the four squares within our logo. They stand as our four ‘value’ pillars:

  • Independence – we believe that the most appropriate, unbiased advice can only come when a financial adviser is free from all conflicts.
  • Integrity – upholding the highest professional standards at all times. No commissions, no kick backs. Ever.
  • Innovation – innovation is at the heart of our culture so that we can continue giving our clients the best possible experience, which includes staying ahead of the competition.
  • Expertise – ensuring that our advisers are delivering client advice and investment guidance of the highest order, providing our clients with the ‘sleep at night’ factor, knowing their financial future is in safe hands.

It is these value pillars along with our client commitment statement that makes the Hewison ‘heart’ beat and I’d invite you to raise them with your financial adviser the next time you meet. I suspect you’ll see their real passion emerge.

Hewison Private Wealth is a Melbourne based independent financial planning firm. Our financial advisers are highly qualified wealth managers and specialise in self managed super funds (SMSF), financial planning, retirement planning advice and investment portfolio management. If you would like to speak to a financial adviser on how you can secure your financial future please contact us 03 8548 4800, email info@hewison.com.au or visit www.hewison.com.auPlease note: The advice provided above is general information only and individuals should seek specialised advice from a qualified financial advisor. The views in this blog are those of the individual and may not represent the general opinion of the firm. Please contact Hewison Private Wealth for more information.