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Hewison Private Wealth expands service offering launching independent personal insurance

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Private Client Adviser
30 Jan 2018

30 January, Melbourne: Hewison Private Wealth (Hewison), an independent financial advisory firm, has today launched its own personal insurance offering, under the Hewison Private Wealth brand.

As one of Australia’s largest truly independent financial advisory firms, providing independent financial advice to clients is the very core of Hewison’s values. The opportunity to offer new and existing clients with personal insurance that is aligned to their needs, without the worry of commission is an important, progressive step for Hewison, and the financial service industry as a whole.

The firm now offers personal risk insurance including Life, Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD), Income Protection and Trauma insurance, and will be able to maintain its independence as clients will pay a fee for service – rather than the typical model of commission-based insurance. This ensures clients receive personal insurance that is truly best for their needs.

Managing Director Andrew Hewison is excited to provide this service to new and existing clients, creating a more holistic advice offering.

“Protecting your wealth should be just as important as accumulating it, that’s why insurance is so important to a financial strategy. We’re delighted to be able to offer personal insurance at Hewison Private Wealth, while ensuring our advice remains independent, and most importantly aligned to an individual’s needs and objectives.

“Those that take out policies under Hewison’s advice will pay an annual fee for service that includes implementation of advice, ongoing reviews with alterations when and if needs change, along with additional facilitation of claims,” Mr Hewison said.

“Where commission is concerned, it will be either rebated to the client or removed from the policy altogether, both of these options will reduce the net cost of the policy. Clients can therefore rest assured in the knowledge that any product we recommend will have no biases whatsoever, meaning their insurance is truly working in their best interest.”

Marcus English, Senior Risk Adviser, Hewison Private Wealth, believes the outcome of independently provided personal insurance advice will not only be better aligned to client’s needs, but will ultimately be more cost effective.

“The value over time from a monetary perspective can be significant. Removing commission out of a policy reduces a clients’ premium by up to 30% for the life of the policy. But more importantly, commission free advice removes bias. Plus our proactive review service will manage your needs with the option to reduce cover as your exposures or risks diminish.

For more information on Hewison Private Wealth’s insurance offering, or to book a meeting with an advisor click here.


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