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Financial Planning Week

Why you should have a financial plan

Chris Morcom
Partner/Private Client Adviser
2 Sep 2013

With Financial Planning Week last week and the start of Money Smart Week today, hopefully more people will become aware of the need to prepare for the future.

In a world of instant gratification, it can be difficult to focus on why we need to plan for the long term.

There are the tangible outcomes of good planning, such as: being able to afford the lifestyle you want when you retire, or being able to own your own home, or take that overseas holiday you have been dreaming about.

Good planning also provides intangible outcomes, such as peace of mind that your financial affairs are secure and right for you.  Planning can help to reduce stress by removing one of the major causes– what to do about your finances.  If you have properly planned your financial affairs and agreed on your goals, the day to day of your financial life should take care of itself.

If you are feeling stressed due to your financial situation, or because you are unsure about what to do, then speaking to a qualified financial planner can help you get back on track.

A financial planner will meet with you and learn about your goals and objectives, and assist you in prioritising them.  They will develop and advise on a course of action to suits your needs and will want to meet with you at least annually to make sure you are sticking to the agreed action plan.  The cost of obtaining such advice should be viewed as an investment which will pay you dividends, both tangible and non-tangible, into the future.

Planning your financial future does not mean losing the spontaneity in your life, but it does mean focussing on what really matters to you…and that can be a liberating experience.

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