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What’s in store for the reporting season?

Nathan Lear
Partner/Private Client Adviser
5 Aug 2013

The August reporting season is here, giving us an opportunity to  think about what is in store for companies on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). 

Here are a few themes to keep a close eye on:

  Cost Cutting

A key focus for Australian companies over the past couple of years has been that of cost reduction. In challenging economic times, with pressure on revenue, many companies have been focused on reducing  expenditure to ensure profitability. This trend is likely to continue.


Continued revenue growth is important to any company. A rise in revenue is a sign that a company is growing. As companies have been navigating their way through a tough economic environment, we will be keeping a close eye on whether revenue growth continues.      

 Mining Sector

Much emphasis has been placed on the mining sector and in particular China. It is no surprise that a slowing Chinese economy has an effect on Australia. As the mining sector slows, we look to the non-mining sector to pick up some of the slack. 

 Australian Dollar

A weakening Australian dollar will continue to help Australian companies with offshore earnings.

Strong Dividends

We expect dividends to remain strong, with many companies continuing to increase dividends to shareholders.

The current dynamics of the economy still make it a challenging environment for many companies, with revenue growth not easy to come by. Now is a crucial time to invest in quality companies that have the ability to generate sustainable earnings and pay reliable dividends to investors.

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