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Special Market Update

John Hewison
Founder and Director
5 Aug 2011

Global markets were sold down aggressively overnight in response to lingering concerns over the European sovereign debt issues and a slower than expected economic recovery in the US. Our market has responded accordingly falling around 4.2% at midday.


We do not take these issues lightly, nor their impact on your investments. However, our job is to remain focused on issues closer to home, that is, your individual strategies, the fundamental strength and security of your assets and the reliability of investment income. These are the factors that will ultimately drive market values and achieve realistic asset values.

Through the GFC period we took affirmative action to replace any non-performing assets with quality assets and generally restructure and rebalance portfolios. We placed a high concentration on regular dividend income and growth recovery potential. These factors remain in place and we are therefore very confident of your security and the future recovery of your portfolio values.

It is important to emphasise that this is broad market devaluation; it is not related directly to any specific issues with your assets or their performance.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and assure you of our concern for your wellbeing.

At this time we have no reason to take any drastic action and believe your strategy remains valid and effective. We realise that this instability of asset values is of concern, but ultimately true values will be based on financial fundamentals, not market sentiment.

We will keep in touch with you but if you have any specific concerns please call us to discuss.

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