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Insurance can help

Chris Morcom
Partner/Private Client Adviser
18 Jan 2011

The floods that have affected people across Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria are taking a terrible toll.  The tragic loss of lives will impact families and communities for years to come.  One cannot help but be moved at the stories of survival and destruction.  We all send our thoughts, best wishes and assistance where possible to those in need.

With communities beginning the clean up in some areas, focus has moved to reconstruction and the making of insurance claims.  Sadly, for many there will be the discovery that they were not insured for loss due to flood damage.  This should not be a surprise, and is a reminder to us all to check the details of our insurance policies.
For those families grieving for a lost loved one, the recovery process is likely to be more difficult.  However, if those that have died had appropriate amounts of personal insurance, at least their families would not have to be concerned about their financial position. 
And for those businesses that have lost a key person – what are they going to do to survive?  If they had appropriate key person insurance in place they might stand a better chance.
This brings me to a question:  Do you have adequate life, disability or income protection insurance?
If the answer is no, then use current events as an impetus to get moving and protect your family and business against the risks of financial hardship should something happen to you.
If you are unsure if you have enough, then get some help.  
Hewison Private Wealth provides advice regarding personal insurance.  Rather than take commissions we simply charge a fee for the time involved to assess your needs and get the appropriate policies in place.  This makes the policy premiums cheaper for you.


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