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National Broadband Network

National Broadband Network

John Hewison
Founder and Director
18 Oct 2010

There has been much debate about the NBN, its usefulness, its total cost and cost efficiency and its long term viability. I must admit I have been a sceptic and concerned about the lack of cost / benefit analysis and business plan as raised by Malcolm Turnbull. At our corporate break out conference last week we had Peter Blasina (TVs gadget-man) as one of our guest speakers talking about the future for technology. 

In response to a question about NBN, Peter gave the clearest, most concise and understandable explanation I have heard.

Peter explained that fibre optic cable was the appropriate delivery medium due to its scalability and longevity and the usage of the existing Telstra conduits would significantly reduce cost and speed up installation. Fibre optic has capacity for expanded use over time and is only limited by the sender and receiver. He further explained that fibre optic was probably a 50 year usage solution. On the matter if cost / benefit analysis, Peter explained that it was implausible as it was impossible to accurately predict the level of usage. Interestingly, Peter explained why NBN was important to remote areas of Australia and the rural community. He used the example of a sheep farmer on a property covering hundreds of square kilometers using electronics to control paddock gates and irrigation outlets amongst other things. All of a sudden it all began to make sense. Then when Peter demonstrated the comparable data download speeds between the current broadband delivery and what is proposed, the cost / benefit analysis became frighteningly obvious.

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