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Herald Sun Online "Deal or no deal dilemma"

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Posted: 20th March 2012
Written By: Karina Barrymore featuring Glenn Fairbairn
Herald Sun Online "Deal or no deal dilemma"


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  • FoFA debate demands change to licensing of financial advisers

    To meet the needs of consumers, the government needs to change the Financial Services Reform (FSR) legislation regulating the licensing of financial advisers, according to independent financial advisory firm Hewison Private Wealth.

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    of trust in financial planners, whose advice can have an enormous impact on their wealth, lifestyle and retirement planning.

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    Young Australians must approach financial fitness like a gym workout, says Hewison Private Wealth

    Young Australians eager to ‘get rich quick’ may be disappointed to hear that wealth creation can be as tough as achieving washboard abs, but those who attended a Young Investors Wealth Forum, hosted by Hewison Private Wealth, in Melbourne last week were in for a reality check.

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    Investments Contracts for difference and exchange-trade funds are instruments that each have their own characteristic risk profiles and return opportunities.

    Although they are both regularly reduced to their acronyms, contracts for difference and exchange traded funds are very different beasts.

    One is a highly leveraged product, the other tracks an underlying index and is...

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    Whether you’re a daredevil or enjoy playing it safe, there’s a superannuation risk profile option out there for you.

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    On face value this may seem like a great idea, after all starting a business is inher...

  • Property Observer "Government puts Future of Financial Advice reforms on ice"

    The government “paused” plans to immediately implement controversial changes to the Future of Financial Advice reforms yesterday following fierce opposition.

    Finance Minister Mathias Cormann was handed back responsibility for the government’s planned changes to FoFA after assistant treasurer, Arthur Sinodinos, stood aside.

    Cormann said in a statement the government ...

  • Asset Allocation & Multi-Generational Planning; Risk Profile only part of the equation - 2011 June Issue # 36

    What is Asset Allocation?
    Asset allocation is the percentage allocation of investment funds to the various investment classes, the main ones being –
    · Cash
    · Real estate property
    · Australian shares
    · International shares
    · Fixed and variable interest

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    It has certainly been a long hard slog for investors with the Australian sharemarket remaining flat despite all the positive economic indicators. We have low unemployment, a booming resource sector, apositive GDP outlook as forecast by the International Monetary Fund and the Reserve Bank. So why isn’t our share market booming? Major global share markets have recovered despite their economies co...

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    Over the past ten years Australians have experienced a residential property super cycle where values have increased considerably over this period. The main drivers of this meteoric rise have been historically low interest rates, low unemployment, government grants for first home buyers and the strongest terms of trade seen in 140 years. The only hiccup during this period was from late 2007 through...

  • Economic Update - 2011 June Issue # 36

    While many thought that the world markets would recover strongly over 2011 it seems we have been stuck in a rut over the past few months with most investment markets tracking sideways.

    While markets are often driven by fear and greed we cannot ignore the underlying economic factors that also serve to drive investment markets on a global scale.

AGK 0.96% $15.72
AIO 0.19% $5.37
AMC 0.39% $10.21
AMP 0.19% $5.18
ANZ 0.90% $34.59
AXA 0.00% $0.00
BHP 0.50% $38.20
BSL 0.77% $6.53
BXB 0.64% $9.46
CBA 1.26% $79.01
CCL 0.11% $9.26
CFX 0.25% $2.00
CPU 3.05% $12.51
CSL 0.04% $68.01
CWN 2.53% $16.63
FGL 0.00% $0.00
FMG -1.32% $5.25
GPT 0.52% $3.86
IAG 1.25% $5.67
IPL -0.35% $2.88
LEI -1.11% $19.57
LLC 0.69% $13.06
MAP 0.00% $0.00
MGR -1.70% $1.73
MQG 1.81% $56.77
NAB 0.51% $35.67
NCM 1.00% $10.12
NWS 2.03% $18.10
ORG 1.15% $14.91
ORI 0.05% $21.54
OSH 1.04% $8.75
QAN -0.41% $1.21
QBE 0.94% $11.85
RIO 0.08% $62.79
SGP -0.53% $3.76
SHL 0.17% $17.67
STO 0.37% $13.50
SUN 0.62% $13.01
TAH 0.27% $3.65
TCL -0.14% $7.27
TLS 0.58% $5.17
TOL -0.38% $5.24
WBC 0.94% $35.62
WDC 0.84% $10.77
WES 1.22% $43.99
WOR -0.71% $16.69
WOW -0.13% $37.93
WPL 0.78% $41.20
WRT 0.95% $3.18