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Community and Philanthropy Partnerships Week.

This week is Community and Philanthropy Partnerships Week, an initiative that celebrates the ways in which partnerships between grassroots community groups and philanthropy build strong and vibrant places to live and work.

Chris Morcom
Director/Private Client Adviser


With New Superannuation Laws Coming to Pass, Now is the Time to Act

Whether we like them or not, it’s nice to finally have some finality around the Government’s changes to superannuation.

Andrew Hewison
Managing Director


Long Term Investment Implications of Trump Victory

As detailed in my colleague Nathan Lear’s recent blog titled ‘Hillary Trumped’, markets reacted wildly to the result of the recent presidential election, initially falling four per cent only to recover sharply the following day.

Glenn Fairbairn
Director/Private Client Adviser

In the News

Herald Sun "Every Step: Ready to tie the know? First you need to talk through the numbers"

Q. We’re ready to tie the knot. What are the key financial issues we need to consider first?
GETTING married, or even just moving in together, is not just a major life event. It is also a huge long-term financial commitment.

Money, more than almost any other topic, can make or break a relationship, according to relationship experts.

Glenn Fairbairn, Karina Barrymore
Hewison Private Wealth